Godot 3 - current status import from blender

Vale-gitVale-git Posts: 59Member

Hi, I tried to import a small project (made from a tutorial) in godot3 from blender 2.78.
I have difficult to import properly all materials. I don't understand what I missed.
Eg.: I cannot see "shading smooth" in Godot 3 correctly imported ( if they were imported) and all materials ost they properties... ps.: I've used "Node editor" in blender to manage materials.

There is a "how to" to import correctly from blender or in this moment the 3D section is in a "work in progress" and we have to wait?

Thank you.


  • Vale-gitVale-git Posts: 59Member

    Correction: Blender is the version 2.79

  • ZireaelZireael Posts: 79Member

    Blender cycles materials don't export, they are Blender specific.

  • keltwookiekeltwookie Posts: 213Member
    edited December 2017

    Well, it is true that Blender Cycles materials are Blender specific, but I think there is a way to translate them into Godot.
    Indeed, Godot possesses an evolved shading language which could be compared to Cycles nodal system. The graphical interface node view is planned for 3.1 and I think that with a bit of imagination and practice, you can “translate” Cycles materials to Godot shading. You already can have an idea of what could be made here and how:


    Also, you can have a lot of informations dealing with this topic here :


  • MagicLordMagicLord Posts: 578Unconfirmed

    @Vale-git said:
    Correction: Blender is the version 2.79

    Most of the time Godot creates default materials, i usually end up importing the textures and assigning them to the material.
    It's some little more effort but it works.

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