The tutorial in the Singletons (autoload) is confusing and gave me a lot of needless trouble

redbunnyredbunny Posts: 14Member

I need to address a lousy writing in this tutorial. In the said tutorial, I was learning a simple scene changing example, but I changed a few names of the scene and the buttons in them to better learn it. The script is the same because I downloaded the demo project to match them. The shocking thing is, the tutorial DID NOT tell me the buttons it used have signal connection in the relevant scene scripts, I wasted a lot of time trying to find what was wrong with my buttons. Why write your tutorial assuming everyone knows everything? The whole thing is so frustrating. Why don't remind the reader about the buttons signal? The button script that has signal connection look exactly like the script that does not have connection. And now I forgot how to make them connect again, where to learn it again? Sigh.


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  • redbunnyredbunny Posts: 14Member

    there are two things that need to be added to said tutorial:
    1. Remind reader about the buttons have signal connection
    2. Link the signal button tutorial so that we can go back and refresh our memory

  • redbunnyredbunny Posts: 14Member

    Can all the tutorial writer assume that all reader are total idiots and not some veteran programmer?

  • redbunnyredbunny Posts: 14Member

    Found the following sentence:
    Each are identical and contain a button connected to a callback for switching to the other scene.
    Sorry for the emotional eruption just now. I did not see more carefully.

  • NeoDNeoD Posts: 141Member

    Look in the "demos and examples" archive. There is a project with scene changing.

  • redbunnyredbunny Posts: 14Member

    It's ok NeoD, Thanks for the suggestion, I went back and revised a bit about controls and connecting functions in script.

  • snwflksnwflk Posts: 25Member

    Unfortunately it's far from being a singular. A lot of Godot learning stuff on the internet was written like it assumes substantial prior knowledge...

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