How to get in runtime the android "version name" string setted in export.cfg ?

linkoboylinkoboy Posts: 4Member

Hi, I would like to show the android version name in the title screen of my app compiled for android. Is there a way to get the version name string setted in export.cfg in [platform:Android] section ?


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  • kow__kow__ Posts: 24Member
    Answer ✓

    Just open engine.cfg with a text editor and add the strings you want, like:



    Then, in game, you can access those using Globals.get("") and Globals.get("").

    Of course you can name the section and the keys however you want, just treat it like a normal .cfg file.

    (Sorry for the quote tag instead of the code one, but I don't know what is the code for multiline code)

  • linkoboylinkoboy Posts: 4Member

    Thanks, I'll do this way.

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