How is the inbuilt android IAP feature supposed to work if there is no "Billing" permission in Godot

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You may have heard that Godot has this inbuilt IAP feature for Android.
It is not difficult to set up and use, but if you are creating an app in Google Play developer's console(gpdc) and want to add consumable products(IAP) the gpdc asks you to add an apk with the "BILLING" permission enabled.

When exporting an android project in Godot, there is a list of permission boxes that you can check in, but there is no "BILLING" permission.

Is this a bug or is there a different way to use this IAP feature and still be able to publish my game on Google Play?


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    I'd also like to have this answered. There really is no billing permission option available.

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    According to the IAP sample:

    "To test in-app purchase on android device,

    1. Need to add "" permission at Export > Android > User Permissions
    2. Export APK and upload it as alpha or beta stage to Google Play Developer Console and publish it.
    (It's not published to public, but you and tester can access it.)
    3. There should be activated in-app item
    4. Any changes on Developer console will take 2~3 hours to take effect"

    We aren't doing mobile yet so haven't tested uploading to Google play.

    Hope this helps

  • __Aeon____Aeon__ Posts: 37Member

    Tested and works. Thanks.

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