Dynamically created normal map for shader ?

fkossyvasfkossyvas Posts: 7Member

I am trying to achieve this result:

My problem is that i cannot understand what sequence of nodes i must make to make it work and how to handle it within the shader:

Clicking on the screen adds an instance of the circular sprite (transparent normal) to the black background and then i would like to use this result as a normal map for a static image. For that reason i added the **NormalSprite ** which seems to have this result as a texture. When i set the blue backgroung to **Sprite **then i don't see a way to set the NormalSprite texture as a normal map for it.

The script i am using for the normal map shader is the one taken by the 2d/normalmaps demo of Godot.

I added the project file for reference, could anyone help me ?

test.zip 369.5K


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