Handling an RPG Party?

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Godot is completely different in terms of programming, makes sense it's sorta object oriented in a way "old school object oriented"

In C# I'd use lists and dictionaries to essentially do this, lists at least in C# works as an index so it's easy to find index 2 which is actor 2 well index 2 is really actor 3 but who cares...

Godot seems to have lists and dictionaries setup a bit different at least more so different than C#.
I guess I could compile the C# module and call it a day but hear it has some issues right now so sticking to primarily Game Maker Studio 2 for prototyping and GDscript for now.


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    Just curious, if you like C# why not use Unity?

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    Prefer the design flow of Godot > Unity, it's also simpler.

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    Well concerning your OP, I don't understand what you mean about the lists and dictionaries. There are arrays and dictionaries in Godot and you access the elements in the usual way.
    An array element is accessed/set like so: array[7] = 5
    A list element is accessed/set like so: array["name"] = 5

    GDScript, if you read the documentation here, you can learn it in a day. C# by comparison you could use it for a year and still not learn it all. I'm writing an RPG in GDScript and so far I haven't encountered anything that might stop me. GDScript is very simple and that simplicity enforces a kind of discipline, that will make you a better object oriented programmer. My main language used to be C++ which I no longer have the patience for and I've also used C#. I wouldn't use C# for games though.

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    yeah i mean, youre question isnt related at all to the topic so it seems pretty weird. also making an rpg. woop woop!

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