Why is Light2d on Android so slow?

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Why is the Light2d so slow on Android? Is that a general problem or am I doing something wrong? If I use just 3 lights (without shadow) the performance goes down! Without shadow lights should be just images with mixmode "add", right? Isn't that hardware accelerated?

If I add just Sprites with blend mode "add" there is no such performance impact. So what is wrong with Light2d? Can somebody explain that?

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    Sorry for crosspost on Reddit! Seems important to me and I don't know yet on which forum is more activity.
    I have uploaded an example: http://noisefever.de/up/Marble.zip

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    That is exactly what I would suggest you to do :D
    I think only Godot devs can help you with that.

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    Light2D is slow in android and is slow in desktop system. But in desktop is less noticeable. Simply make a desktop project with a few lights and various mix modes and you should notice that is difficult to mantain 60 fps. Is not problem releated with android, is a problem releated with light2d performance and mix modes.

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    I don't get it why it's so slow. Ok, RandomShaper explained it, but other games/engines/codeexamples/methods are faster (as far as I seen it). But I accept it. I have to :D

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