Are you waiting for Godot 3.0, what are the new things you are expecting in it ?

kishy_nivaskishy_nivas Posts: 4Member

I see many people are so excited about Godot3.0 , I am fairly a new user, Godot looks great other than coding the critical parts in c++ part . .... are you waiting or postponing some projects for the release of Godot3.0 ,what are the things we can expect in Godot3.0. Thank you !

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  • whooshfrostedwhooshfrosted Posts: 28Member
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    I'm going full steam ahead on my project as it is 2D, so no waiting on my part. 3D is supposed to be much improved in 3.0, so if you are into that it might be worth waiting for.

    This talk by Juan Linietsky has the information you need.

    He also posts his progress on Twitter

  • P-Star7P-Star7 Posts: 21Member

    I'm doing 2D, but waiting for Intel bugfixes and also waiting for 3.0 due to visual scripting. I've got a new laptop anyways but my issue may still apply and it's good for everyone else to have it fixed anyways.

  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 99Moderator

    If your project is 2D and for mobile, better stick with 2.1.* by while.

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