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Hi godoters,

I have an game in a single projet, what am I suppose to do to make it multi platform (phone touch input vs computer joystick/keyboard mouse )
Should I duplicate the project, on for touch device/resolution and one for good old computer inputs and resolution ?

phone : must display button and directional touch pad + 16/9 resolution
Computer : full screen with no region dedicated for virtual controlers

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  • nycos62nycos62 Posts: 2Member

    is this forum dead ?

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    Answer ✓

    For me, duplicate the project isn't a good idea as you'll need to work and maintain 2 codebases.
    You should take a look at the Godot platformer demo, there you can see how you can show the virtual buttons/controls only on mobile.
    Also, maybe the resolution docs can help you.

    @nycos62 said:
    is this forum dead ?

    I don't think so :blush:

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