Godot 2.1.4 system requirements??

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2.1.4, or 2.1.3...I cannot find the system requirements for godot anywhere...nothing specific...I run linux...no problem for me, but a friend of mine wanted to check it out but he is still running winXP(32 bit I think...ouch)...he is a bit cheap ;) and refuses to upgrade...or spend the money for it anyway..
So, can anyone provide a link or information about the system requirements please?


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    I don't know if you looked already, but the steam page for Godot has a few system requirements.

    Unfortunately, according to the steam page, Windows 7 is the minimum required Windows OS.

    Tell your friend to join the dark side, use Linux >:) . It's free and runs practically everywhere.

    In all seriousness though, he might be able to run Godot on Windows XP if he compiles from source. Depending on his computer he might also be able to run a Linux VM and use Godot on the VM.

  • justinbarrettjustinbarrett Posts: 44Member
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    No, I did not check steam...on linux steam does not have many games I would ever play...I am actually trying to get him on linux...but he is in a limbo state...torn between being a gamer...or moving up to the next level of creating them....why not both right ;) well too bad for him then...I have not had any luck so far getting him to switch...as far as building and running a vm...I think those are beyond his abilities...he is a great pixel artist but...he is 'just' getting interested in making a game....we'll see.

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    Well, hopefully he finds a way to play games and make them too. :)

    (If he is okay with a more bare bones game engine, HaxeFlixel might work. I haven't used it in awhile, but I think you can run it on Windows XP)

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    Uh, have you suggested to him the dual-boot option? he can game on the XP partition and do development on Linux... B)

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