How (and where) can i store player scores online?

deldel Posts: 20Member

Hey, I just made a small puzzle game, which i think is a fun little time killer, but the only achievement for the player is to get a better score. So i was wondering how to store the score and name of the player in some list somewhere, so that they could see where they were ranked (in the game).


  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 158Moderator
    Answer ✓

    Google Play Games Services can be an option.

  • deldel Posts: 20Member

    Sorry for my late response and thank you for your suggestion!
    But I don't think that this fits my game. Maybe I got it wrong, but I think that the players have to be logged in to their google accounts and it seems like could not read the leaderboard directly into the game.
    I think i'll try to make a database somewhere with php scrips. I don't have any experience with both, but i think that is the way to go. I found some tutorials for other game engines and i hope i could get this working in godot.
    If someone has done an online scoreboard (or leaderboard) with databases or could point me to any related godot tutorial, that would be great!

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