Use Godot as base for a democratic and open MODs market

alexwbcalexwbc Posts: 15Member

This is how the idea evolved, from itch boards:
...and finally, after Take-Two initiative to treating popular MOD (more than a decade into working for GTA) and it's community.


General audience seems not getting into this: they got the latest shiny product that come from AAA developers and put all their working hours just to make old games more profitable... for big AAA companies that literally Pump the popularity of skilled modders... and then dump them when they saw a more profitable chance.

I'll present the idea to it's very bare bone:
Make the basic engine for a game using Godot, make it highly customizable/modabble... allow people to sell their mod/assets for that game. If they get money, then can optionally share some earning with the original developer team which is working on the game itself (improve game -- > more gamers --> more chance to sell more mods).

In the [url=]origianal post[/url] I added more details on how this could be done. This could be a great plug for the Godot engine itself... among all other popular engines (Unity, Unreal, Uningine...) Godot is the only one who hadn't license/per share agreement and can be seeamlessly incorporated literally into anything (also thanks to Linux)


  • whooshfrostedwhooshfrosted Posts: 30Member

    Yeah, I've always thought it was strange how some people work on mods for free, all to make some AAA company even richer. I also think its silly how companies spend millions making the engine and assets for just one game, and then throw it all out for their next game.

    If you can make a game that people will go all fanboi over, enough to learn to mod it, your idea should work.

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