[Web dev] How to run on localhost ?

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Hi people !

I'm trying to make a browser game with Godot for the first time and when I use the 'run in browser' button it use the Files:// url but I want it to use my localhost:// url because the game won't work outside a web server. How can I change it ?


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  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Member
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    Well, i personally havent tested the html5 engine on Godot recently. But normally you export the files, move the files into your local server's base folder, activate the software you are using for the server( e.g. XAMPP), and then just run the file and it should work.

    I always test any html from an outside software that specializes in it, like XAMPP(under windows).

    Hope that it helps, good luck!

    Edit: btw, in case the above isnt clear, in my xampp install, if i move a folder named "godotexport" (which has the files) to xampp's base folder, i open the browser and go to "localhost/godotexport" and it should 'just work'.

  • TomLaPommeTomLaPomme Posts: 19Member

    So I have to export my files all the time I need to test it in a browser ?

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