Sprite wip

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More to come soon.

I'm still messing with the actual animation


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    didn't wanted to show, and where's the edit button?

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    Answer ✓

    The edit button is the little gear in the upper right (if I remember correctly).

    Also, nice sprite :)

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    Yeah, this forum uses markdown instead of bbcode so [img] tag holds no sway in here, but the positive is that if you also are a user on github then posting there and here should be fairly similar.

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    Redoing the animation itself.

    here's the old animation (was originally a 4-frame animation, now it's 6)

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    This art is pretty nice. It looks like from old game Prince of Persia!

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  • RukiriRukiri Posts: 58Member

    why not do hd sprites?

  • RukiriRukiri Posts: 58Member

    Just a bunch of wips.

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