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GRacing Boats - simple racing game

BishopBishop Posts: 142Member
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GRacing Boats is a simple 2D arcade racing game, i'm working on it one week, it won't be too big....just a few tracks is in 2d because i wanted to rest from 3d :)
....soon I release test demo

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  • BishopBishop Posts: 142Member

    I create a better damage indicator and some other things

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 268Member
    Answer ✓

    I just noticed you posted this as a question. :wink:
    Yeah, the new damage indicator looks great.

  • BishopBishop Posts: 142Member

    Thanks Megalomaniak....ehh, schoolboy error... I forgot switch Ask a Question to New Discussion because default is set to Ask a Question :)

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