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Hello! I've been working on a turn-based strategy RPG and would love to receive the feedback of the community. I still haven't named it. Its biggest inspirations are games that I used to love back when I was a kid: Final Fantasy Tactics, Hoshigami, Fire Emblem and Tactics Ogre.


Space: select and confirm.
X: back.
ENTER: end turn.
ARROWS: move the cursor.

You can actually move enemy units as well in your turn, this will be removed later.

Repo: https://github.com/mikasasukasa/godot-tbs-rpg

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  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 158Moderator

    I love this kind of game, thanks for sharing the source code <3

  • camelCasecamelCase Posts: 8Member

    @Shin-NiL said:
    I love this kind of game, thanks for sharing the source code <3

    Thank you very much! I just updated the repo and the html5 game with an intro cutscene (W to skip it).

  • SomnivoreSomnivore Posts: 102Member

    Looks like a very competent start, outside of the controlling-enemies bug; I used to play these kinds of games when I was younger, particularly the Nippon Ichi games (Disgaea et al). Call me spoiled but I really adored their graphical style; compared to the style of your game, I'm sure you could understand my lack of enthusiasm for its visuals; it's functional but not ideal, almost so-so if I could better understand the nuances of each unit at a glance; they are a little hard to see due to their tininess and low-resolution. The controls could use some work; the classics had a menu you could bring up that let you select what you wanted to do, and I'd prefer that. It's hard to see who is being attacked since there's no animations either for the attacker or the victim. Even a flashing red sprite could help aid to show who was getting hit specifically. Making it easier to understand when the enemy's turn begins and your turn begins could also help.

    I know recently Nippon Ichi released Disgaea 1 & 2 for the PC, filling in a niche that wasn't very much present. I'm not sure if people are burned out by the genre yet, but I know I got sick of them after playing them so much. Perhaps you could see success fleshing out a full TRPG however. I wouldn't recommend proceeding with that art style; I'd recommend larger characters that can be more easily distinguished, which opens up the opportunity to make them personable, thereby making the game more attractive to existing fans of this genre; a major part of TRPGs is the idea that you're some kind of team manager, and these are people who you're fostering, to help them grow and get through various endangerments or excursions; the social element is very strong, and so should the representation of the characters in that sense, in my opinion. It's also important to note that the entire battle system (arguably the game itself, unlike other RPGs that have other things to focus on like exploration) revolves around these characters fighting, so it only makes sense that they should get the most attention. When I look at your game, I feel as though the characters are only just as important as the background.

    That would be my major thought as to the future success of your project, assuming you decide to continue it: if you change nothing else, change the visual focus to emphasize the characters, the stars of the TRPG.

  • camelCasecamelCase Posts: 8Member

    Hello, @Somnivore, thanks for the insightful comments! Well, about the sprites, I'm working on the game all by myself, I won't and can't work on bigger/better sprites. Why? I wanna build a game programmer portfolio, so I'm more interested in building little games to show my skills. That is, unfortunately, what I can do when it comes to visuals. But yeah, for an isometric games, sprites that are so small won't look good, especially because the tiles are jaggy.

    I don't like the way I made the controls either. That's why I was kind of rushing it to have something to show the others. I will fix this. Actually, I have made it that way before when I was making that game, but in another perspective:

    I hate not being able to attack and then moving back. XD And I will add attack animation sprites and target flashing soon. I started the project like 4 days ago so I think I made a nice progress since then.

    I updated the repo again, with a little battle intro & actors' movement animation:

    I will soon update the html5 page.

  • dialNforNinjadialNforNinja Posts: 3Member

    While you did helpfully put this up on git, it doesn't seem to mention any license you want to place it under. Is it MIT like Godot itself? I'm hoping something similarly permissive, because with a graphical overhaul it would be a very useful foundation for the space game I want to make. Not to say I don't understand your own reasoning for leaving them as they are, but I'm at least a semi-decent hand with GIMP and Blender and I lived through the days of crappy pixel games before they were hip and retro; I'm not willing to backslide any further than late-nineties-to-early-noughties no matter what.

  • disemqdisemq Posts: 9Member

    wow! very nice!! When will it be finished?

  • greyspotgreyspot Posts: 2Member

    What a great start! And thank you so much for sharing this on git. I like that the bit you do have looks very polished. The sliding in and out, fading, etc, puts a professional look on everything. This is usually the last thing I do lol.

  • MartSerraMartSerra Posts: 1Member

    I really like the games of this type, it would be awesome if you make a tutorial for beginners. In special of the second game that you post (the one like forest battle). Thanks for sharing the code.

  • czlowiekimadloczlowiekimadlo Posts: 7Member

    Your game looks awesome! And big thanks for the source, can't wait to find some time and dig into it to learn :D

  • MaknollramMaknollram Posts: 1Member

    Very good. Keep going,

  • RukiriRukiri Posts: 58Member

    Wanna say thanks you helped me out in some areas!
    This is a pretty cool project, keep at it! This almost feels as if it should be the defacto tactical rpg example.

  • Gakki_WooGakki_Woo Posts: 1Member

    i need a tutorials on youtube,please.

  • magarcanmagarcan Posts: 14Member

    @Gakki_Woo said:
    i need a tutorials on youtube,please.

    That would be nice!!

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