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Richtextlabel alignment

bethleembethleem Posts: 5Member

Is there a way to align text inside a Richtextlabel like you can do in a plain Label? I can´t find out in the docs.


  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 76Moderator
    edited April 29 Answer ✓

    You can use Bbcode tags for that:

    [center]my centered text here[/center]
    [right]my right aligned text here[/right]

    [left] should work too, but doesn't. Left is the default alignment though.

    Don't forget to enable Bbcode in the RichTextLabel node to take effect.

  • bethleembethleem Posts: 5Member

    Thxs, I didn´t think of that! :)

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