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Hi everyone, I downloaded Godot the other day and I'm just getting into it for a few personal projects, I've gotta say that at the moment I'm loving it! I'm really digging the scene idea, There's still a lot of things I've gotta get my head around but I'm really impressed

Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know that if they need any assets for their games I've got a ton of assets available on my site, some are paid but there's a lot of free ones too. everytime I realease a new free asset I'll try to remeber to post it here too.
here's the site

I'll be sticking around while I get into Godot so no doubt you'll be hearing more from me.



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    That is a good topic! It is not so easy to find free assets with clear source and license.

    I'd like to point at the guys from Wilfire Games who program the game 0.A.D.

    All assets of the game (textures, 3d models, sounds...) are freely available with the cc-by-sa license. (means proper crediting in the game is required. Important: Their license is a Share-Alike license which may prove difficult for non-opensource projects.

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    Moved to resources, where asset posting takes place. :smile:

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    And some more:

    Google Poly
    Has many interesting & useful 3d assets. Another advantage (if you see it that way) is that most models are low-poly.
    The license is usually cc-by so you'll have to credit the author (often google itself).
    Disadvantage: You usually have to scale the models down by 0.0001 or more because objects are often sized rdiculously big and also often are not centered. So ideally you import them in blender, scale them down and then apply scale so you can get them into godot at scale 1.

    While I am at it here some more links which most certainly already have been mentioned in other posts:
    (2D/3D, mixed contents, often cc-by, but also cc0)

    These are sound recordings with a very liberate license.

    Openstreetmap Texture Library (Public Domain) Many Public Domain Game Assets of all kinds (but also paid ones)

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