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Hi everybody!
I am working on a remake of the old c64 Blade Runner, and no, not the detective game, I am talking about the runner thing, or as I called it "A video game remake of a video game interpretation of the film score by Vangelis" :D

Here I have a prototype of what I had in my mind for a long time, it's obviously far from complete (it's the run scene, but it's lacking of the passing people, the cars, the intro flying car animation, etc...) but actually you can chase and kill (and being killed by) the droid, alias you can win or lose.

I worked on it in my free time for a total of 10 hours more or less, the palette I have been using is the c64 one and the graphics could be (very) low quality mainly because I am not an artist, I am trying to improve on it.

Well, please tell me what you think, any critics are welcome, the game may be hard so be careful :D I hope you like it as I do while making it.

WARNING: The game contains flashy graphics!

Use the cursor keys for moving, you can go up and down only when running, you can shoot with the Z key but only near the droid (when the HPs show up).

Download links in the last post!

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