HuntDroid (formerly Android Runner)

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Hi everybody!
I am working on a remake of the old c64 Blade Runner, and no, not the detective game, I am talking about the runner thing, or as I called it "A video game remake of a video game interpretation of the film score by Vangelis" :D

Here I have a prototype of what I had in my mind for a long time, it's obviously far from complete (it's the run scene, but it's lacking of the passing people, the cars, the intro flying car animation, etc...) but actually you can chase and kill (and being killed by) the droid, alias you can win or lose.

I worked on it in my free time for a total of 10 hours more or less, the palette I have been using is the c64 one and the graphics could be (very) low quality mainly because I am not an artist, I am trying to improve on it.

Well, please tell me what you think, any critics are welcome, the game may be hard so be careful :D I hope you like it as I do while making it.

WARNING: The game contains flashy graphics!

Use the cursor keys for moving, you can go up and down only when running, you can shoot with the Z key but only near the droid (when the HPs show up).

Download links in the last post!

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    Sorry, I forgot to put the macos build:
    Download links in the last post!

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    I'm continuing to develop the game, this time I have added cars and collision, the initial animation of the entrance of the protagonist (the landing of his car) and defined the lower zone as the hud (for now it shows the HP's labels and that's it).
    This time I am adding a gif of very poor quality (sorry), for the ones of you too lazy to download the game :smiley:


    Download links in the last post!

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    I have added people this time, the game is getting hard :)
    Now you can accelerate/decelerating the hero and forget to keep pressing the arrow keys :P In the hud zone I added the "Casuality" number and it reflects only the hero's kills.

    (The animation is very short and doesn't show you all the chase scene)

    Download links in the last post!

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    Background is coming ;)

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    I finished the background and the basic HUD (with the images of the player and the enemy and their health bar above), I show you the progress with some pics:

    Next time I will organize the messages in the HUD, polishing the win/lose sequences (when you win the car should pick you up and fly up), fix bugs if any and declare the 45-50% of the actual game complete! :D

    As usual the links of the executables below, please ignore/accept any antivirus warning when running the game, it's not a virus by any means :)

    Download links in the last post!

    1.png 16.6K
    2.png 21.9K
    3.png 20K
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    This is starting to loop really cool :) I'll give the Linux binary a try as soon as I have some time.

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    Thanks! :smile:

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    Hi everyone, I have a new version of my little remake project, for the occasion I renamed it "HuntDroid", which sounds less boring than the previous title :smiley:

    Here with the changes...

    -> Some graphics of the player and the enemy avatars in the hud redone
    -> The central panel now has infos about the level of the android, the bounty, etc,
    -> Sounds added (no music yet)
    -> Polished the win condition (the car come back to pick you up and fly together away). Because the "Map" scene is actually missing (and the rest of the scenes :joy: ), when the player car flies away the game just does nothing, sorry about that, I will add that scene very soon.

    ...and with the pics:

    Hope you have fun, don't be afraid and feel free to drop a comment/criticism, thank you :)

    For the downloads link, please check the last post, thanks!

    1new.png 24.1K
    2new.png 26.6K
    3new.png 29.2K
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    downloaded it and it's great....and i think graphics is nice

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    Thanks :)

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    I have a very little update, I changed the font used, due to a problem with the license, and I included a WIP Manual.txt into the archive to explicate things about the game.

    See last post for news and downloads!

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    I'm bringing HuntDroid to at, where you can follow the development and download the latest version.

    Have fun :)

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