How to mark forums read?

berserkberserk Posts: 13Member

Hello everyone.
I did a look at "recent discussions", but I want to mark all as read to have fresh content on my next visit.
How do I do?

Thanks in advance.

Bye, Ivano.


  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Member
    Answer ✓

    Recent discussion lists discussions based on the date of the most recent post, that's it.

    On the main category page however, you can click on the "cogs" after the category names, to the right. There you can click "mark as read" and it will do so for every post inside the category.

  • AkienAkien Posts: 70Godot Leader

    Is there a feature to mark all categories as read? Having to mark each category as read manually can be tedious :)

  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Member

    At the moment there isn't unfortunately.

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