Towns of the Dead

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Hello !

I present my new mobile game made with Godot (and other free tools like Krita, Blender or LMMS). After 5 months of full-time work, the game will soon be available on google play.

Now, there are only a handful of survivors left behind and the hordes of zombies have invaded the streets of our cities, you are alone in the night ...

Your mission, capture the first contaminated human being and bring it back so that a vaccine is developed. Now, the hopes of all mankind rest on you !

¤ An action game in which your reflexes will be put to the test in tortuous urban levels.

¤ Regularly find the weapons and item dealer, and choose from 12 weapons like the double shotgun, the flamethrower or the famous gatling gun!

¤ A scenario and dialogues worthy of an old zombie film!

¤ A stuning gaming environment, entirely realized in 3D.

¤ Play for free and no additional purchases in the game!

Here are some images taken from the first level, other images and a trailer will follow before the release of the game!

The trailer of the game:

The game is now avalable on Google Play !


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