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I'm working on a small mobile game for Android currently. It will be a mix of a city-builder and 2D-shooter - you build up your small village, set up your weapons and have to fight against alien-ships to keep your village safe. The current version 2017.3 (alpha) is in the Google Play Store [link] for free and without ads.

Help me with some feedback

When you test the game the first time, what do you think about the interface and usability? Is it easy to setup your weapon and do you like the design?

There is no tutorial yet but I will describe the idea a little bit. Write what you think and I would like to implement your feedback! :smiley:

What's in the game

There are two modes - the build mode and the fight mode. Within the build mode, you can construct new buildings, repair existing ones or demolish destroyed objects. You'll start with 1000 Coins at level 1 so you could set up a small wooden house (does nothing yet). In the next release there will be population and you need them to keep Bob's weapon shop running where you can buy upgrades for your weapon.

Before you can start to fight against the aliens you have to set up your weapon. Tap on the weapon icon on the left to switch to your weapon builder. Combine your equipped weapon parts to a working revolver and then you're ready to fight.

After your weapon is working the fight button on the bottom-left is active. Press it to start a 45 second fight mode and the alien-ships will start to attack your buildings. Tap on the screen to shoot. With each destroyed space-ships you'll collect experience and experience will bring you to the next level.

When you're at level 2 you can build Bob's weapon shop where you can buy an upgrade for your weapon.

How to get the game

You can download the game from Google Play Store here. I'm working on an iOS version but it's not ready yet. For more details about each single release, check my blog.


I'm working with latest Godot 2.1-git (previously 2.2) but within the next weeks I'm testing Godot 3 (much better results in 3D :love: ). The game itself is a mix of a 2D scenery (background, buildings) and 3D space (weapon foreground / weapon builder). The background images are plain images but were rendered from 3D (Blender); many textures and graphics are created or modified in Krita. I'm working on Gentoo Linux machines only.

I'm so excited to get your feedback!!


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