My first tries with Godot and Blender



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    Hello Bishop

    Well, the less I can say is that each time I ask, you provide a lot of informations. Many, many thanks for this.

    2....use multimesh instance

    Yes, I already saw tuts about this, and it appears one of the best solutions to save resources.
    About the other options, I have to search a bit more the pros and cons.
    But what is particularily interresting is the procedural spawning. I recently saw a video about this and in case of mining operations (yes, a feature I want to implement), it looks like it is THE solution.

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    edited December 2017

    4th part (create a planet texture) of the Blender tutorial completed and available here

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    Another example of what is possible to do with nodes only. Yet another planet, but I'm a bit proud of this one. Indeed, the first try was... really, really ugly !

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