GDScript Syntax Highlighters

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Hi, I wanted to announce that I've just published GDScript language definition for Highlight syntax highlighter:

I've also created a theme mimicking Godot's editor native look and feel. These should both be handy to create HTML tutorials with GDScript examples highlighted as they appear in Godot's editor. Highlight also supports other formats for creating eBooks.

So far the highlighting results look good. I still had dobuts about a few implementation details, as posted here:

I've contacted Highlight's maintainer and hopefully GDScript will be bundled with the next release of Highlight. In the meantime, the GitHub repo contains instructions for manual setup.

I'd be grateful if anyone could do some further tests to check that it's matching properly GDScript syntax.

If you are aware of other syntax highlighters supporting GDScript, I'd appreciate if you posted links to them in this thread.

So far I've found the following text-editor packages, but no definitions for an actual standalone syntax highlighter tool:


SublimeText package adding support for GDScript.

Looks like GitHub relies on this package for highlighting GDScript in previews.

Atom Editor GDScript

As above, but for Atom editor.


  • tajmonetajmone Posts: 4Member

    UPDATE: Both the GDScript language definition and theme are now part of the Highlight bundle since version 3.35 (2017-02-28).

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