Godot Editor - How it works

elvismdelvismd Posts: 1Member

Hello, I would like to know how the editor works, I mean it seems like the editor uses network to load stuff, can I use the editor offline ? And why both editor and the exported game doesnt include any dll's ???


  • WendigoWendigo Posts: 8Member
    edited February 2017

    Hi elvismd and welcome to the forum :)
    I have also noticed that the firewall detects a network request by godot but you don't need any network connection in order to use the editor (I even rejected the request and it still works)
    When you export a game all dependencies get packed into the ".pck" file.

  • rcurtisrcurtis Posts: 1Member

    The engine requires no external DLLs because dependencies are statically linked with the EXE. If you wish to write your own extensions in native code, you have the option to statically link or dynamically link them, dynamic is faster for iteration because you don't have to rebuild the entire editor with every code change.

    You see firewall stuff when you start the game from the editor because the debugger talks to the editor through TCP.

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