Godot for applications instead of games

DenonDenon Posts: 1Member

Hello there. I am new here and I just have a quick question.

Is it possible to use Godot for applications instead of games?
I would like to make an application/interface for android that can
be used to interact with a custom circuit-board that I made.

The application would either need to interact with the bluetooth device of the phone
or if necessary I can make an extra script that just needs to be called.

If you know a better method please tell me.

Thank you very much for your time.


  • memermemer Posts: 39Member

    It's possible to use Godot for non-game applications, and Control nodes could be useful for making a GUI. But it will probably be more power intensive than if you use a normal GUI toolkit (but I don't know any so can't recommend one, sorry).

  • Elf_EarsElf_Ears Posts: 37Member

    Definitely possible, however messing with the C++ source code is highly recommended for performance and ease of use for non game projects

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