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Hello all

I wonder if a "Showroom" section would be usefull to show the artworks made by the community (Godot, Blender. Gimp, etc...).
The purpose would be to inspire some to enhance their skills in modelling and drawing and also get some advices from the masters.
This section could be a place to post pictures, models, FXs, any works in progress, but also texts (ie.scenarii)
So... yes? No? ...Other?


  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 322Member

    I think it's a good idea, I agree.

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    It's been a while that i've been talking to artists and related groups in the community.
    I wanted to create an Art category or Art & Sound, or maybe "Creative", in sum a "place" where people could share content, tutorials, ideas, etc anything on how to produce and improve your art(given that to me music also qualifies as art, along with modeling, etc as mentioned).

    I wasn't sure if this was something the community would want.

  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Member

    I've set it up, it will be called Art & Design as to also include game design posts and discussions, i'm just setting things up to make sure the thumbnailing will work as intended.

  • keltwookiekeltwookie Posts: 213Member

    Many thanks Kiori \o/

    I did not know what you said in your previous post, beeing pretty new here. And what follows was typed before I saw your latest post :)

    Well, if I proposed this, it is because, in my humble opinion, what attract players in modern games are multimedia artworks. Even new developers, as I am, are attracted by nice pictures, which describes the possibilities of a game engine more than a long talk.
    It could be interresting to see the amount of money big studios (no names needed :) ) put in art, to check this affirmation, we just need to see the credits at the end of modern games: 2/3 are dedicated to artists.
    Another example if you please: Writing is art too. What could be the success of modern game without a rich, developed scenario. Everybody knows titles like "Baldur's gate" or "Starcraft" and these best sellers could never reach the success that we know without a strong story.

    So yes, coding is an essential part of games creation, but without artworks, game creators will have difficulties to reach the highest diffusion levels.

    Once again, many thanks

  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Member

    I couldn't agree more, in my view the best games have to be a form of art(as in full of it).

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