Anchoring issue with scaled Control

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Hello. I'm trying to get anchoring to work properly with a scaled (2x) GUI. To exemplify, I made a regular Control node (scale: 1) with two buttons, one with a begin anchor and another with end. Works properly, this is how it looks:

Then, if I scale the control, things don't work as expected. Begin anchor works, but end doesn't. The buttons move twice as fast as the window.

I tried to scale the canvasLayer instead of the control, the same happens. The only way around seems to be scaling the buttons themselves.

This is how my Control looks like in the editor:

Is there any way to solve this? I appreciate any help!


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    Hello! Relatively new user to Godot, but I have worked with other game engine UI editors.

    From playing around with the nodes, and from what I gather anchors work with margins to define the position and size of the control nodes (See also Control Nodes Docs Page). These margins are in relation to their parent. So when you scale the entire UI, it causes the margins to count 2 pixels for every 1 that the window gets resized by.

    And since margins define position, you get the moving buttons.


    As you mention, the quickest solution is to scale the UI nodes individually instead of the whole. What I did was making parents at each anchor point that each elements use. I kept the Parent control as a "full rect" anchor with each direct child to match in size but with the anchors set to their respective positions. Then build the UI inside of them.

    Node heirarchy,

    Then when you go to scale up the UI, you scale the Anchor parents. Probably not the solution you were looking for, but I hope this helps!
    Below is my code I used to adjust the scale on the Control Node.

    extends Control
    var UIScale = 2 # Set the UI scale here
    var UIAnchors # Node Container
    func _ready():
     # Add Anchor Parents to the container
     UIAnchors = [get_node("TopRight"),
     # Rescale the Anchors
     for i in UIAnchors:
    func scaleFunction(UIAnchor):
     UIAnchor.set_scale(Vector2(UIScale, UIScale))
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    @Albedo, sorry for not responding before, I missed your response completely (kind of gave the thread up since it was already more than a month old, lol). Would like to thank you and let you know that I'm using your solution, which is working great for me!

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