How to implement FB Login using godot

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I wrote tutorial describing how to build facebook login for Your godot project using facebook login for devices.
Using minimal code modification this could be done with google too. Tell me what You think.


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  • chrisbckchrisbck Posts: 10Member

    Thanks for this, will be very useful. I have not had a chance to try it as won't be home for a few weeks.

    I have a question though. Once login is achieved, could this be used to retrieve users profile photo etc?

  • BogdanBogdan Posts: 4Member
    edited February 2017

    Yes, wen You get access_token You can query facebook graph API as You want. For for profile photo You need to query: /user_id/picturte endpoint or add picture field to your fields query.

    I may expand on this tutorial later.

  • chrisbckchrisbck Posts: 10Member

    Thanks for getting back. I will read up on this API and experiment when I get a chance.

    If you find the time to expand on the tutorial, I would be very interested.

  • cicobuffcicobuff Posts: 2Member

    Hi, thanks for this, it's a great example. But I have been searching for a FB Login module that uses the SDK login mechanism that does not require an external browser launch from within the game. Has anyone done an integration in that area?

  • Waldoro10Waldoro10 Posts: 1Member

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