Theodor - Point and Click Adventure

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A little Point and Click Adventure I made with the Escoria Framework.

I stopped working on it, because making the artwork is too time consuming. And another problem is, that escoria obviosly doesn't support weird german letters like ä, ö, ü, ß.

its on german. however, i hope you enjoy!


  • Racer69Racer69 Posts: 6Member

    Guten Tag Bobokox,
    das ist ein sehr schöner Spielanfang! Wenn du mit der Artwork schneller und effizienter arbeiten willst, kann ich dir nur "Blender" empfehlen, damit kann man schnell Alles planen und dann umsetzen! ;)
    Bist du sicher, dass ä,ö,ü und so weiter nicht angezeigt werden?

    And now in English.
    Hello Bobokox,
    that's a really nice gamebeginning! If you are feeling the urge to work faster and more efficient, you should try out "Blender", with this program you are able to do everything needed for the game! ;)
    Are you sure about the German letters and their malfunction?

    Schönen Tag noch!
    Have a nice day!

  • bobokoxbobokox Posts: 5Member

    hey racer69!

    thank you very much! i recognized the problem with the german letters when i changed the font. the font supports german letters, but there is no text output since i changed it, even when i change it back to the standard font. maybe a bug or something.
    i know blender well but for this project i used krita for the artwork. for future point and click projects i will prefer blender. all in all its faster i think and with the right toon shaders it should be nice looking too.

    Auch dir einen schönen Tag! :)

  • bluecodebluecode Posts: 4Member
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    your game looks amazing

  • mikethiemmikethiem Posts: 4Member

    do you know how to change the size of the font in escoria ?

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