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This project is intended only as a demo or game cinematic trailer.
Main characters - human (the leader of a nation, the shaman in armour) and the second robot. Design is a mix of sci fi , steampunk and the middle ages.
The title name is only working
This project is intended for Godot 3
The quality of the models should be on a level with AAA titles and I hope my skills will be able to handle this :)
Project is at the beginning....the plot is not detailed but home planet is attacked by some unknown entity.



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  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 1,086Admin
    edited January 2017

    So I take it you intend for this demo to be a real-time/in-game cinematic? Interesting project! :smile:

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 326Member

    @Megalomaniak Thanks, yeah, the project should be real-time game cinematic demo.
    ...i'm sculpting two characters

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 326Member
    edited July 2018

    .....armor concept for the human character and robot head :)

  • aztecsenseiaztecsensei Posts: 77Member

    great stuff! hope you still working on it.

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 326Member

    Thanks, ...I have paused the work on this project but now with a version 3 and 3.1 is before release, I start doing it again.....I hope for Unity's cinematics quality :)
    Yeah,.....just now working on the robot/droid character (retopologing head)
    ....with these RT rendering qualities that Godot now has will be gorgeous.

  • MagicLordMagicLord Posts: 578Unconfirmed

    They look great.

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 326Member

    Thanks , I was much inspired by the two characters of Unity's Adam cinematic...
    with the characters as they come to these humanoid robots.
    .....I want absolutely this quality :)

  • olugbengaolugbenga Posts: 1Member

    Nice project

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 326Member

    @olugbenga Thanks and Welcome to Godot Developers Forum!
    There is not much time now for this project but I hope it will soon be showing up something nice :)

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