GodotHub - Multiplayer and Network Messaging for Godot

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Multiplayer and network messaging Server for Godot written with lightning fast NodeJS.

The main idea of GodotHub is to have a thin server that only handles the connection and broadcast the data to channels(lobby).

The inspiration for GodotHub is NoobHub which Multiplayer library for Lua based Game Engine such as LOVE2D. I like its concept so I tried to implement it in Godot. So far what I need are testers and critiques for improvement.

GodotHub : GodotHub NodeJS Server
GodotHub-Client : Godot Client Implementation


The GodotHub server only require

  1. NodeJS

And... that's it!


After you install NodeJS. Open your terminal / command prompt install it through npm

npm install -g github:Windastella/godothub

and start the server

godothub --port 5000 --host

This will start the server on .

If no parameter were passed, the server will default to above setting.

Proceed to the Client Class for the implementation example.


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