Ways to make darker shadows?

woopdeedoowoopdeedoo Posts: 109Member

I was adding lights to a top down map and realized that they make the map brighter in the light, but don't seem to make it any darker in the shadows. Unless I'm missing something.

I'm trying to achieve near pitch black shadows, so one solution I thought was to significantly darken the tiles themselves (the tileset image), and it does work quite nicely (I also have a bit of control over the contrast that way) but also makes editing the tileset kind of a bit weird.

I tried lowering the sprites' modulate value, but then the Tileset (the resource) discards it completely when I convert them to it.

I'm wondering if anyone else has any other ideas of how to go about achieving this.


  • woopdeedoowoopdeedoo Posts: 109Member
    Answer ✓

    Well, I went double-checking the light_shadows demo and this time I noticed the CanvasModulate, and it turns out it does pretty much what I needed.

    So my problem is solved...

    Still, any further suggestions related to this will be greatly appreciated.

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