No matter how I transform two GUI nodes, they appear the same size/position when scene is ran.

TheLurkingDevTheLurkingDev Posts: 2Member

I am very new to GODOT, so please be gentle. :smile:

I am trying to follow the first scripting tutorial and, while my script is working correctly, I cannot transform the label and the button nodes. Well, I can transform them in the 2D view, but when the Scene is ran they always appear back in the center with the button covering the label. They always have the same size and orientation.

I have tried editing the Margin values, the Rect Pos and Size values, and the Anchor values for both nodes.

I know this has to be simple, but it has been maddeningly frustrating.


  • TheLurkingDevTheLurkingDev Posts: 2Member
    Answer ✓

    For whatever it is worth, it appears that I used the wrong node for the Panel. I instead used a PanelContainer. :blush:

    Not sure how I missed the Panel node, but I'll go with: it's late, I'm old, and my eyes are bad.

    Let this be a lesson to all of you other GODOT newbies tempted by the unscrupulous PanelContainer node.

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