videoclips inside game interface

gcshavesgcshaves Posts: 3Member

hi to all,
I'm almost new to Godot, and I am planning to realize a strategic stage bye stage game where there will be a lot of videoclips.
I'm doing some tests using the embedded VideoPlayer node, that seems to work very well for my needs. But if I export the game to HTML5 ; the videoclip is totally invisible. No problem if I run the game as Linux. any tips for me? thank you in advice


  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 216Admin Godot Developer
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    I don't think VideoPlayer is supported in HTML5 exports (if it was, it would be very slow). The reason is that the entirety of Godot runs as an Emscripten (C++ to JavaScript compiler) application, and the browser's video player can't be used "Inside" of the Emscripten window (the application needs to implement everything itself, and it's not always fast enough).

  • gcshavesgcshaves Posts: 3Member

    for me it would be sufficent to play videos "decently", plus is not 4k or hd content...
    I'll try to add some detailed info, using debug when exporting to html5 the problem seems related to link the ogv file correctly:
    [1;31mERROR: load: [0m[1mNo loader found for resource: res://media/a1-7.ogm
    [0;31m At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:218.[0m
    [1;31mERROR: load: [0m[1mNo loader found for resource: res://media/a1-7.ogm
    [0;31m At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:218.[0m
    [1;33mWARNING: parse_variant: [0m[1mCouldn't load resource: res://media/a1-7.ogm
    [0;33m At: core/io/resource_format_binary.cpp:434.[0m
    close data.pck flags 1

    any solution or workaround idea? thx

  • razvanc-rrazvanc-r Posts: 84Member
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    HTML5 exports are pretty experimental, I'm afraid you have to expect many bugs, just file them in the issue tracker. I think someone is working on webassembly, I'm not sure what's the status on that tho'

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