Beginner Modeler looking to collaborate.

Hey, I've been taking some beginner to intermediate tutorials on Blender and I'm interested in helping anyone who is working on a project. I can provide certain assets depending on the complexity of the design. I love the "learn as you go" method, so if someone's interested in my help, let me know. If there is something you need for your game, I can probably learn it overnight. It's these things that keep me excited while learning, otherwise I get bored.

So far, I've managed to learn the basics of blender and it's user interface, modeled a simple sword and took some tutorials on many short-cuts and also some object glowing tutorials as I like to see pretty things.

Here's an image of something I came up with today.


  • razvanc-rrazvanc-r Posts: 84Member

    Hm! Interesting. There might be something we could do if you're interested. I'm about to finish the roguelike godot tutorial and my next target will be a 3D tutorial also ported from Unity. The poll came in and people seem to prefer this adventure style game as you can see here. Now I intend to use this Unity tutorial as my guide and wanted to hijack the models since they're already done & animated and such. But if you feel like you want to learn and if you feel like you're up for it let's make them from scratch, we'll just use the same idea for the adventure game :). Find me on the discord channel, I have the same user name

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    I want to create a 3D "demo" of Keccak (a cryptographic hashing function) as an educational tool. In terms of modeling, it is actually very basic: just cubes being moved around. However, I want to use it for "promotional" materials and thus it should look badass. The whole thing is 100% volunteer, just a passion project for me.

    Would you be interested in helping out?

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