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Fatal System Error - Text Based Adventure Project

rach1938rach1938 Posts: 1Member
edited January 12 in Projects

Hey! I saw that Godot twas having a game jam and I thought it was a good opportunity to learn the engine. I'm trying to do a text based adventure, mixed in with rpg elements... not sure how far I will go, but I will post the game even if I don't manage to finish it.

Here's what the intro's looking like:

As you can see, I will make a lot of changes in the dialog and the story itself.
I'm pretty happy with what I'm managing to accomplish, since I'm not very good at python. Or programming in general. I'm reeaaally slow at this so there is a high chance I'm not going to be able to actually post it for the jam.
Also I spent 90% of my time making concept art for programs and virus and characters, while Godot is running in the background....
The original name was Locked In, I still don't know if I will end up with the name Fatal System Error.

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