Upload your tools on the Asset Library!

KiwiColoredHorrorKiwiColoredHorror Posts: 5Member
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Now that the Asset Library is available : https://godotengine.org/asset-library/asset
it would be great that it becomes the central place for the many tools made on the forum and on github.
This way more people will get interested in godot, seeing the accumulation of ressources made by godot users than having to search around the web for some of it.


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  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Founder

    I agree it should be the central go-to place. I'm sticking this in hopes it will gather attention.

  • GokudomaticGokudomatic Posts: 70Member
    edited December 2016

    Why is the star-evaluation system not working?

  • RossRoss Posts: 199Member

    Not a lot is working on the Asset library website, there's no one working on it on a regular basis.

  • YedsonYedson Posts: 1Member

    Great stuff, I'm just stating out and so I hope I could make some useful plugins.

  • ZireaelZireael Posts: 44Member

    I wish the stars worked, there's a couple of plugins I'd have rated really highly.

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