How to pin foots of the armature in place?

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is it possible to fix foots of the armature in place, so that when you move body, foots stay in their position, but legs do bend normaly with ik?


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    Quote from Unity Forums:
    to get the feet to not slide, the animation timing of the root node has to move the same distance and speed as the feet each step. This keeps the feet from looking like they are sliding. It's all about timing.

    I am assuming you are using root motion, rather than in-place animation.

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    wtf, man?? i'm using godot and its animation system. and not asking about foot sliding while using animation, but about MAKING that animation, so that foots do not move, while you animate body movements, like in idle animation, when body moves a bit down, but foots not.

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    Ah, misunderstood the question then. Personally I'd find it easier to just animate in a external tool and use root animation however perhaps in 2D doing things this way may actually be better, especially if the plan is to go with physics/ragdoll rigs.

    Anyhow, have you tried using IK targets raycasted from the leg bones to the floor/collider?

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    seem like i fail to denote my question right :D
    there is a pin option in spine for example. when you pin part of the skeleton and it stays in place whatever you move other parts of the skeleton.
    imagine pinning foots of the character and then moving body around. the legs will bend like normal ik, while foots will keep their position, making character somewhat 'dance' in place.
    without this feature i need to use two colored rectangles to indicate the desired foot positions and adjust foot positions manually on every frame (and if positioned not exactly, the foot will 'wobble' while character is standing)

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    Ok, so I can't even get godots IK to work anymore(it used to work though). Don't know why, so I can't even test my ideas out. :(

    To be hones though, I don't think godots skeletal/IK system is complex enough to allow doing this. In blender I would create multiple control bone chains and set up a slider or a checkbox/custom property, drivers and constraints, etc. to control the influence and so on to achieve this. Might animationTreePlayer enable doing some of this? perhaps, I have yet to take a look at this.

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