Is it possible to decrease the default height of gui rows using simple custom theme?

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actually i'm having strange experience with godot on my 19" 1280x1024 display. LoDPI interface looks too big (icons are bigger then mouse pointer) and VeryLoDPI is already too slim (need to adjust font size to 16 points) and icons get heavy distortion too.

I've looked into Ark's themes and found its source files frustrating to learn (i dunno how it was actually possible to create those themes at all :o )

but i came up with idea that may be it is possible to just override single property of some basic interface object and the whole gui will get a bit slimmer height? but i don't know where to look for the clues for this :'(

may be there is someone experienced with themes and could advice me something?

by row height a mean everything from height of the tab to size of the button and list items


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