Arkanoid and pinball mashup

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so I started to play around with Godot engine and really like it. Thanks for awesome MIT Licensed product.

After playing for few days, decided to create simple arkanoid + pinball mashup game
Here is early screenshot:

And the game can be played on my page. For now You can't lose and there is only one level. And my graphics are not any good.

left/right keybord keys moves paddle
up/down uses flippers

I will try to update game every weekend, tel me what You think about it? What improvements would You suggest?


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  • BogdanBogdan Posts: 4Member

    Was playing around with gameplay mechanics, and decided to create something a little bit different that plain old arkanoid. Here is the screenshot and video to ilustrate new game mechanics.

    I know framerate sucks for now, will improve it in the future.

    Updated versuion can be found at

  • zenekezeneke Posts: 1Member

    Hi, I have 1 question

    Have you ever been able to make the sound work on the HTML5 export?


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