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Hi all,

We have a new game in Googleplay called TapBall Adventures. We are actually proud of it because this is the first game we did with Godot Engine.

It is a minimalist single tap game where you guide a ball through challenging levels. The game is a mix of arcade and platforming with a little bit of puzzling elements.

You play as a ball through simple levels where the objective is to collect the glowing gem to complete a level. Collecting all gems in a levels will reward you with a multiplier of total gems. Collecting all gems in a level is easy but its tricky. You may need to change your strategy with your reflexes on some levels.

Extra modules used in this game excluding Godot IAP:

Custom modified from https://github.com/Shin-NiL/bbAdmob
We changed some things inside and separated the methods for loading and showing. So we can now cache the banner and interstitial ads and show them on demand. Problems with showAd method call network lag won't cause it to show on unwanted time.

UnityAds for rewarded ads
Custom made one from the help from UnityAds documentation. It is very simple because we only need to include the aar package and call their required methods. But there was a challenge that Godot modules does not support including aar packages. So I need to manually edit the build.gradle file.

Google play achievements
Used this one https://github.com/ranmaru90/Play-Game-Services-Android-Module-for-Godot
But removed the Drive and Plus API login for this game.

Google Analytics
Used this one https://github.com/jlopezcur/GodotGoogleAnalytics
But added method for extra parameters in event tracking

Android Native Share
Custom made one with support for text and image sharing. Also includes method to directly open the primary Email app.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. But before that, we request you to download and play the game.

Googleplay Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixelmaskgames.tapballadventures


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