Can someone teach me how to use the Pop up node and her sub nodes ?

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Hello dear Godot Engine community hope you're doing fine.
Can someone please teach me how to use the Pop up node and her sub nodes ?
I want a dialogue box to show up when I set a certain variable to true, and frankly I have no idea how to use nodes properly I've been doing testes but can't find how to make it work, I think it's mainly because I don't have a solid education on programming and stuff, but I am persistent and I really want to know how these nodes works.

Please, if it's not much asking, can you teach me how to link these nodes with scripts and how to customize them.G


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    Answer ✓

    What you need to do:

    1) Add a popup node (or any of it's descendants: windowDialog, ConfirmDialog, etc). The popup dialog is just an empty Control node and thus allows you to design your popup however you want. WindowDialog and co feature some helper things (such as a window title to move the window around, a close button, and so on), whereas the Popup node is bare-bones.
    2) When an event happens in your game that should trigger your popup, do get_node("popup").popup(). This will toggle the popup visibility. For example, to show the popup when a button is clicked, you'd connect the pressed signal of the button to a script, then:

    func _on_button_pressed():

    3) You can tick the "exclusive" box if you don't want your popup to disappear when the user clicks outside.

    I attached an example project with three examples inside here:
    the SuperSimplePopupExample is the simplest way; the two others are mildly more advanced ways of controlling popups

  • Updater3000Updater3000 Posts: 13Member

    Thank you very much dear ser, the examples you added are really helpful, now I see how this works, all I need now is how to customize the visuals of a popup window.

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