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Today I turned on a plugin i wanted to get working for a while.
It adds a "add image" button at the bottom of the editor, making it easy to quickly add images without having to go anywhere.
It uses the Imgur api to auto anonymously add images to their service.
In the same vein the file button(the one currently used to link direct links of images) now also has a function to add files proper.
This is so you can add zip files of projects or gd scripts for others to see.
Currently supported file types are archives(rar, 7z, zip, gzip, etc) and gdscript(.gd), if you guys would like other file extensions to be added let me know. Also current file size limit is 1mb.

Test it out when you can it should be working. No promises, but fingers crossed. :smile:


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    Add Image example:

    It's different from uploading to imgur and posting it here since that is supported in another fashion:
    The button is only to make it easier to post static images on the go. The posted image is also a link to the full upload.

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    How often does imgur purge/delete old images?

    Imageshack used to be a hugely popular hosting service but after a while a whole lot of forum posts all over the internet lost images. A great many tutorials have been lost to history...

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    I believe imgur will keep the images forever. That said it is a downside of using an external service.
    I'm still looking into the possibility of hosting the images in the server and having them showing up properly in a post.
    There are benefits to external links so it's a mixed trade. For now the button is just handy.

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    Also, for now uploading images to the server is disabled, only the above mentioned types.

    If i turn img uploading on and remove the add images button for instance, the process would be like this:
    You'd have to upload it either through the icon or drag n drop, and right click on the attachment and past the link into the img_url field that everyone knows, then it would work normally. Maybe it's too much of a chore , maybe not.
    If you think the above setup is better than the imgur button let me know.

    This is all due to the markdown setup, in the WYSIWYG setup it was automatic.
    I'm still looking on how to automate it as it is without anything hacky.

    Oh, and it has the same downside of gifs being rendered into static images. At least by default.

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    You can now also upload images via the file button, like i said the limitation is it will break gifs, but the images will stay inside the forum. Also, currently the add images button works even when adding gifs, as in doesn't break them anymore.

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