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Hello Godot users. I hope you will be indulgent for my english.
I recently found that Godot community is growing and as a consequence we can found more and more general tutorials on progress. These tutorials, who need a lot of time to be written, intends to shows an entire game development example, and it's great !
Once the beginner has understood the basics, there remain many many features, and techniques, to explore. Someone wonders how to use the new dynamic fonts, some other people ask how to use the bake node and how to make exceptions for moving objects shadows, and so on. And this is where the difficulties begin.

As a solution the admin could sticks a special topic in tutorial section, the first post can be updated with requests from Godot users, if a tutorial exists or was submitted by another member, a links to a working answer will be provided. The requested tutorial must be missing in the official doc, or it must be outdated. The forum visitor must made a search in the official docs first. The answer link can redirect to another topic on the forum or to a useful Q&A answer.
The Q&A can't stick posts so this forum will provide this specific feature. So it can be more than a simple Q&A with a black theme ;)


  • RossRoss Posts: 199Member

    Do it.

    You don't need an admin. Just start a thread with a list of tutorial requests and keep it updated. This forum isn't that active, so it will take a while to get buried. If it's useful people will comment, bumping it back to the top, and if it's really useful, it will get stickied.

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    I think the entire forum kind of already is a 'tutorial hub' post. You just have to go to the tutorials section and browse. Or use the search function. Or make a new post with a question, in which case anyone will give you an appropriate answer with a link to whatnot if needed.
    This is good because each new post has it's own title, and it's own discussion or conversation going on.
    Centralizing everything under one big topic would be strange I think, and have a few downsides.

    That said, Megalomaniak started this list a while back, but the truth is that it's hard keeping it up to date and to know about every tutorial out there.

    Also, in my exp, many ppl will just ignore stickies or topics like that and make their own posts anyways, and that's perfectly ok since it's a part of the forum.

    If you wanna start a new thread, as Ross said, you can. You can use the general chat section or the tutorial's Section, depending on the tone you take with this.

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