ctags-based navigation for VIM ( or anything else )

syskranksyskrank Posts: 8Member

Recently I switched to VIM editor while developing my project with Godot Engine, so I've decided to make the working process there a little bit more comfortable.

I've created a bunch of regexp-s for CTags and VIM config lines so that one could easily jump to functions, export variables, preloads, signals and constants within a script.

So, basically this is a handy replacement for Ctrl-Shift-F hotkey within the Godot code editor.

[note: the code on the screenshot has nothing to do with me - just found it on github for demo purposes]

You can see the script outline on the right. So now I've got the power of VIM + cool script navigation :)

I've posted everything to github:

I believe that this could be of use for anyone who wants to get VIM running as the external editor.
Also, I think that any editor that supports CTags could use rules alike those.

Hope that would be useful for somebody.

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