Set specific orientation for each scene?

iGouthamiGoutham Posts: 1Member

I would like my GUI to have a portrait orientation and my game to have a landscape orientation. I am planning to export this to a mobile device. Godot newbie here but I am only able to set orientation for the entire project. I have this ridiculous idea of coding and designing the game in portrait as the UI itself but visually should be landscape. Technically, that would make me set the gravity as -10 units in X axis rather than Y axis. -.-'


  • indicainkwellindicainkwell Posts: 12Member

    What do you mean exactly? Do you want each individual gui component rotated as if the phone is in portrait?

  • SakakiSakaki Posts: 30Member
    edited November 2016

    I think you can access the OS.set_screen_orientation(int orientation) for this and change it when the scene changes.

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