Do i do it well ? Calling my gui on each scene ?

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I have a simple /scenes/gui.xscn It's a CanvasLayer renamed GUI with two child, Menu and TextBox
My "game" is topdonw roguelike-ish feel, and has fixed screen with different rooms. The player can move from one room to another, so the game loads scenes/room1.xscn, scenes/room2.xscn etc. The is no camera, as the screen doesn't move at all.

Inside each room#.xscn i instance GUI.

Is it "fine" to do it ? How else should i do it ?

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  • RossRoss Posts: 199Member
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    It should work, but that's not a very good way to do it, since it will be reloaded every time you switch rooms. If this gui has, for example, character info, you will have to give it that info again every time you switch rooms.

    I suggest you have a "World" scene that contains the gui scene and the current room scene. You could have both be children of /root, but that would make things more of a pain to deal with, since it's not really under your control.

  • puppetmasterpuppetmaster Posts: 5Member

    put your gui scene in autoload and hide or show parts depends where you are (start scene, esc menu, game gui ...)

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