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Soooo, I decided to do a little puzzle mini-game for gbjam5. This is how far I got, still work in progress.

It's really difficult to do a puzzle with a rolling square because of the limited movement (only left/right) but I was stuck on this idea, I wanted to see if I can implement this walking square (it's actually harder than it looks) so that's why I pushed forward with it. Still got to figure out what other 'action' tiles I'll add in, but the bulk of it is mostly done. Probably some 'magnet' tiles will be interesting and more teleportation tiles.

If you have any ideas feel free to chip in... but you know, try to keep it real. This jam is about to finish in 7 days and I don't have a lot of time to spend on this project. Thanks!

Here's a bare minimum demo.


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  • razvanc-rrazvanc-r Posts: 84Member

    Need to finish this in a couple of days max. I think I have all of the elements I need in order to create some puzzle levels. Just need to implement high-score and then submit :).

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    I really appreciate the gameboy peasoup color graphics, I think this looks really nice

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