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I am working on my first project using the Godot Engine, it will be a hacking simulator mainly inspired by games such as Uplink and Decker.

For now it's just a 'tech demo', it is still far for being called a game. In the anim below there is the 'Navigator', alias the view on the LAN that you are going to hack in order to earn for a living and advance. The map is procedurally generated every time and contains the main devices: one router, a number of servers and 1 to 4 computers connected to them. Not every server have to have computers connected to it, and the number of servers will be based on the type of the mission.

I have been working on it for two months by now, and after a long period of trial-and-error with the editor, planning the game and some very basic graphic, I have something that finally works :) I won't publish the source code right now, because it is a bit messy, maybe one day.
If someone wants to do some testing, I can post the links for the executables.

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    I'm new to this kind of game, but I'd like to try and out, and test what I can. Looks pretty cool!

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    I don't know what system you are using, I got two versions:



    Both packages contain the 32 and 64 bit version of the demo, don't expect much (it generates only a map), it's important to me that you don't experience crashes or problems :) Feel free to say what you think and thank you!

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    Cool I love uplink! and the gif looks awesome. :)

  • erasmoerasmo Posts: 20Member

    Thanks :)

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    Windows versions work fine for me. The background grid constantly shimmers a bit constantly, that didn't strike me as something intentional, but that was the only thing.

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    Thank you for testing, actually the shimmering is intentional, I was thinking of the 'cyberspace' as a starfield, the other LANs as distant, sparkling lights... apparently it isn't clear at first sight :tongue:

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    Ahh! OK. How did you do that? Just an animation on each line? I think if you made it a little bit slower, the light flashes more sparse, and accentuated the intersections between lines it would better show the effect you want. Take a look at this:

    [Edit] Of course making it look really cool would be a lot of work, you probably have higher priorities.

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    Thanks for the video, it is a great effect!
    I was thinking of doing that exactly the way you said or maybe a more uniform and slow change of color from one zone of the grid to another and so on.... but, yeah, it takes some work to get it done right and I left it for the future. For now I print the lines in the _draw function of the node, changing the colors randomly from a tint of blue to almost white.
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